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Cleaning your HVAC Air Ducts the right way in Phoenix, AZ

by Dirti Ducts • March 05, 2019
Duct Cleaning Before and After
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the only safe and approved way to properly clean your HVAC duct system is using the NADCA ACR2013 standards. NADCA is the HVAC Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Association, otherwise known as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association.

At Dirti Ducts, we follow what my Dad always told me, “If you aren’t going to do it right, don’t do it at all” and that's why we are one of the only NADCA ACR-2013 compliant duct cleaning companies in the entire State of Arizona.

Let’s review some key points and practices used in ACR 2013 commonly not followed by many of the Companies in Phoenix, AZ advertising air duct cleaning, or anywhere for that matter.

Air Duct Cleaning Processes

According to the NADCA ACR 2013 “The HVAC system, or area that is cleaned/restored, shall be placed under negative pressure during all cleaning activities. Negative pressure shall be sufficient to prevent migration of any particulate material out of the HVAC system”. (NADCA ACR 2013 3.9.1)

In short, this means that all of the particulates are contained throughout the entire air duct cleaning process and cannot further contaminate the building once sealed. If the system is not put under negative pressure your home or business would be showered in Microparticulate containing dirt, dust, pollen, dander, dead skin cells, etc.

What you need to know about Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

A trendy piece of duct cleaning equipment in the industry using a rotary brush is primarily a commercial grade Shop-Vac® with a 2.5” inch hose and a cable running through the tube. The cable rotates a round brush at the end.

There are two problems with this type of duct cleaning system. According to a sales rep of a popular rotary brush system company, they stated that over 10,000 of their rotating brush units have sold. Of those 10,000 + units sold only 2 Negative Air Machines had sold. That doesn’t sound like a good ratio does it?

The fact is Negative air machines and their processes are expensive, and many companies skip this step possibly due to the possible factors below.
  • They either lack the knowledge or didn’t bother to do the proper research to ensure they are doing the job right
  • They know that most customers are clueless and that they can get away with skipping this step 
  • It cuts into their profit margin and takes longer to do the job
  • Lack of integrity
No matter what their reasoning is, knowledge is power, and if they aren’t putting your home's system under negative pressure, they aren’t doing it right, and you’re wasting your money.

Chemicals & Biocides don’t belong in your Air Ducts

Did you know that it’s unlawful for a company to use “any” compound to sanitize or disinfect ductwork?

Chemicals Do Not Belong In Your Ductwork!
Any claims of sanitizing or disinfecting ductwork that would require the use of a product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling will result in fines and criminal penalties from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.)

Even so, it is not uncommon to come across Companies that advertise and sell sanitization and disinfection of ductwork.

If you run into a company that tells you that they sanitize or disinfect your HVAC air duct systems, once again they are doing it both wrong and illegally.

Registered Air Duct Cleaning Contractors

Registered Contractors
For a residential or commercial air duct system to be cleaned out in its entirety, you must access the cleaning of the coils, fans, condensate pans, drains, etc. via the Air-Handling Unit (AHU)

To access the AHU, a Company is “required by law” to have their Registrar of Contractors (ROC) license in the State of Arizona. I believe this is the case for most other states as well. If an air duct cleaning company is not accessing the AHU, they are not cleaning the whole system.

If they are accessing the panel illegally by not having and ROC license, doesn’t it make you kind of wonder what other corners they could be cutting that could perhaps void your HVAC warranty?

A company that has a ROC# will have the number on the vehicle and the company business card as required. If they don't have one, please help us keep them off the street.

Arizona takes the matter of unlicensed companies very seriously; therefore it is recommended that if you come across a company that is operating without their contractor’s license in Arizona, you report them to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors for review.

HVAC duct cleaning is essential and has an impact on the health of your home; at Dirti Ducts, we do not take this lightly.  We do everything we can to help protect consumers from predatory non-compliant companies receiving your hard-earned money in exchange for sub-par services thus negatively impacting your home and compromising the health of your loved ones.

Reputable companies work hard and pay good money to be educated and compliant. It is beyond frustrating when we find ourselves competing against a company that is cheating.

Beware, if they are not ROC Licensed they are both doing it wrong and unethically.

Questions to ask when shopping for an HVAC Duct Cleaner

  • Are they a registered contractor with the state of Arizona? Unlicensed contractors cannot legally access your air handler and thus cannot clean your entire system
  • Are they a member of NADCA? Hospitals and other businesses depending on a job done right will not do business with anybody that are not members of NADCA. It is, after all, the regulatory entity in the industry
  • How long does this process take? According to NADCA cleaning a single AC system properly takes approximately 4 hours with two technicians. If it takes less than that there might be a problem
  • How much is duct cleaning for my house? If they cannot give you a straight answer based on the size of your home or business and number of AC units you have you are probably in for a ride
  • Do they sanitize or disinfect? The EPA strictly forbids any chemical being used in your system to sanitize or disinfect an air duct system

Air Duct Cleaning with Measurable Results!

At Dirti Ducts, we pride ourselves in being experts in our field, and we pride ourselves in what we do. We wish that more companies in the industry would follow our lead. In short, our HVAC duct cleaning process provides measurable results.

Air testing before and after Duct Cleaning

To test how effective our HVAC duct cleaning is, we had an environmental company test both the outside and inside air of a residential job that we did before and after the job. The outside air measured 1200 Microparticulate ppm (Parts Per Million.) The inside air test came back with a whopping 3 MILLION ppm! The ppm was much higher than an average suburban home.

Once we completed the air duct cleaning, the company again tested both the outdoor and indoor air. The indoor ppm particulate dropped to nearly 300 ppm! That’s 2,999,700 less ppm!

For those going through Chemo, suffering from compromised immune systems, and conditions such as Lyme’s Disease this can be the difference between life and death, therefore at Dirti Ducts, we take what we do seriously, and we firmly believe that you should too.

At Dirti Ducts, we care about MORE than just the air you breathe.

Contact the Phoenix, AZ Air Duct Cleaning Professionals at Dirti Ducts to learn more or call (602)733-6536 today!

I'm breathing what?

Chances are you’ve never thought about cleaning your air ducts. We’re betting the previous owner of your house probably didn’t either.

In addition to the contaminants that have built up since you moved in, chances are you are also breathing the collective build-up in your air ducts from previous owners as well.

Contact the air duct and dryer vent cleaning professionals at Dirti Ducts or call (602)733-6536 today! Don’t forget to ask about our specials when you call.

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My wife had issues with allergies as of late. We have been in our house and owned many animals over the past 15 years. I did my due diligence and reached out to a handful of companies that did duct cleaning. With the other companies, I was told to count the number of registers and returns and this plus many other things would determine the price. I called Shane at Dirti Ducts and got an honest up front price without having to go through any hassle. The team that did the cleaning was super professional, wore shoe covers and did a very thorough job. I can already feel a healthier and cleaner air in my home. I have been let down by contractors before, and have almost come in expect it. My faith has been restored by the Dirti Ducts team !! Thanks you !!

- Tyler H.

Our dryer vent was totally clogged. We sent them a service request.They contacted us right away and scheduled us for the following day. They arrived right on time and were friendly and professional. Did a great job and cleaned up after themselves. Dryer working great now!

- Cheryl W.

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