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HVAC Air Duct Cleaning – What to Watch For

by Dirti Ducts • March 31, 2020
HVAC Air Duct Cleaning – What to Watch For
The hygienic restoration of your HVAC air ducts is not a task to be taken lightly. Choosing the right company to clean your air ducts can be quite difficult. Done right you can expect improved Indoor Air Quality and a (potentially dramatically) reduced dirt, dust, and debris load in your home. When not done correctly your Indoor Air Quality can, and most likely will, be destroyed. Let us tell you why! Here are some key details that can help a consumer in Arizona determine if it is their HVAC air duct system is getting cleaned or just simply their wallet.
REGULATION IN THE RESIDENTIAL SECTOR - Unfortunately there is NONE. This is something that we are hoping to be a part of the change that we would like to see in the industry in the future but in the meantime here are some key items to watch out for.
Registrar of Contractors - In order for a company to completely clean out your HVAC air duct system it would be MANDATORY for that company to have an Arizona Registrar Of Contractor (ROC) license. Unfortunately, there are loopholes that allow companies to offer "duct cleaning" without having their ROC license. As an example, one commonly used ploy that a consumer will see is when a company states that they are "licensed and insured". They do not state WHAT KIND of license. Usually in this situation it is just their business license which is not a qualification by any stretch of the imagination. Any company with their contractor’s license will display their ROC # (Dirti Ducts ROC# is 302146) and ONLY a company with their contractor’s license can access your ENTIRE HVAC air duct system.
 A company cleaning only the first portion of your system, such as the registers/vents and a couple of feet into the trunk line, would not be required to have their ROC license. Most of the companies in Arizona offering “air duct cleaning” are not registered contractors capable of providing the service you are paying for. When it comes to air duct cleaning it is very simple.  If the ENTIRE system is not being hygienically restored, it is best to not do it at all.
  My best example as to why this is so bad for your Indoor Air Quality is to reference silt in a riverbed... Think of silt in a riverbed as the dirt, dust, and debris in your air duct system. The water in the river is like the air in your air ducts. Always traveling the same direction. Over time the silt (dirt, dust, and debris) that would normally just be swept away downstream will create an interlocked layer on the riverbed (your air ducts). The small particulate finds nooks and crannies to lock into and then builds up a aerodynamic protective layer that will spread throughout the river covering the surface area (your system) from there.
  If we were to go to the river and take a big scoop of silt out of the river bottom and then came back the next day there would be a crater where the silt was no longer protected from the flow (air stream) and had been lifted and sent downstream (Your HOME). If only a portion is being "cleaned" you will end up with Indoor Air Quality that is made even worse as the debris left behind will be discarded into your house and destroying the Indoor Air Quality.
National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) -

I'm breathing what?

Chances are you’ve never thought about cleaning your air ducts. We’re betting the previous owner of your house probably didn’t either.

In addition to the contaminants that have built up since you moved in, chances are you are also breathing the collective build-up in your air ducts from previous owners as well.

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- Mark E.

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