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In addition to air duct cleaning, Dirti Ducts specializes in professional sanitizing procedures for your residential or commercial air duct system. Our newly (and for the first time ever) EPA-approved sanitizer is capable of killing and stopping the activity of the Coronavirus as well as 99.9 percent of any other organics such as bacteria, microbials, etc. Our sanitizing process combines the germ-killing ability of a disinfectant with a cleaning agent to clean and kill viruses, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other organisms while also sanitizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing your air ducts. This process is approved to kill pathogens that can cause many diseases, including hepatitis, poliovirus, SARS, Avian flu, Rhinovirus, HIV-1, listeria, MRSA, strep, and more. There are several companies that offer “sanitizing;” but unfortunately after doing extensive research and competitor analysis, we have not found another company in Arizona that uses the specific sanitizer approved by the EPA.

When using the EPA-approved product, sanitizing your air ducts is deemed completely safe. When the sanitizer enters your ductwork and dries, it biodegrades and is completely harmless without leaving any harmful residue behind. To learn more about sanitizing your residential and commercial air ducts, contact the professional air duct cleaners at Dirti Ducts or call (602) 733-6536 today.

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